I am an experienced portrait photographer with a special focus on the beauty of women. I am able to capture their unique beauty and personality in unique conceptual photography. My goal is to create photographs that boost confidence and show the beauty in every woman. The beautiful face of a woman was, and still is, a muse for artists, awakening beneficial energy and inspiring. This magic that comes from the eyes may not be present in everyone. It is especially possessed by the one who contains both inner beauty and energy that shines through her physical shell. For me, a portrait is a search for the spark of life within. It makes me happy to see the natural beauty awaken in each woman during a photo shoot. To book an appointment michal@michalbotek.cz
Máte zájem o focení portrétu? 
Volejte 603 89 00 99 nebo pište na michal@michalbotek.cz
Michal Botek, grafik a fotograf retušér, Olomouc

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